Pleasant Hill Academy

Pleasant Hill Academy of Colorado is a unique non-profit, low-cost, private umbrella school for families who wish to educate their children outside the system!  For more than thirty years we have been dedicated to the idea that all children learn different things in different ways, and that a factory model of education is not always the best environment for every child. Whether you need just a few “a la carte” services or more expanded support, our highly qualified professional educators are here to help!

We are all about children and their educational success!  Because every student at Pleasant Hill Academy has their own paths to learning, EVERY student has a specific personal learning plan based on their present level of achievement (what they already know) and their learning preferences and strengths. Most importantly, we try to make sure each child’s interests and passions are considered when their plan is created. Every family has an advisor, who is a highly trained professional education specialist.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “what if my child doesn’t get everything they need if I educate them at home?  The fact is that every personal learning plan is developed to align with current Colorado Academic Standards. You can find a complete list of the state standards on this website in the RESOURCES page.

Let’s look at some eye-opening facts from educational research. Several recent studies found that the average child in a public school classroom gets an average of three minutes of personal attention per day.  Other studies have shown that the average time spent on instruction of new content may be as little as 20 to 30 minutes in the entire school day!  The rest of the time is spent on discipline, reteaching, and “crowd control.”

You are probably thinking, “A private school has got to be too expensive!”  That’s where you might be wrong! Check out our program brochures for grades K-8 and Secondary Ed (9-12). There are several paths from which to choose. You may want only testing and a curriculum plan, or you may decide you and your child need more support.  The choice is up to you!

Contact us:

email: pleasanthillacademyco@gmail.com
phone: 970-667-3410